As we hope you have heard, a revival has broken out at Asbury University (and now all over the nation)! Revival broke out at Asbury on Tuesday, February 8th, at a chapel service when one student courageously confessed and repented of sin. Praise Jesus for that bravery because the Revival that broke out at that moment is still going on and will continue until Thursday, February 23. That is fifteen days of praise and worship. Brothers and sisters, the Lord is moving in the next generations of believers. Jesus, let us foster revival and never impede it. 

Revival is spreading across our country right now, and it’s not the first time! Generations of believers have experienced this, and the Lord is blessing us in this time and place to be a part of His Holy Spirit bringing revival. 

Our very own, Brian Smith, felt the pull to go to Kentucky on Sunday, February 5th. The Spirit was softening his heart and preparing the way for him and two students to make the spontaneous decision to go to Kentucky later that week.

There was a buzz in the Christ Church office on February 8th as excitement as Brian started to talk through the call he felt to make the 14-hour drive to Kentucky. After receiving affirmation from the staff, Brian began making plans to leave within the hour. Brian reached out to two students he knew would be available, Collin Kinney and Jackson Bobbitt. With less than an hour’s notice, the trio was off to experience the revival.

Brian, Collin, and Jackson were confident the Lord was calling them to be witnesses of this Revival. Brian stated that his desire to be in Kentucky was fueled by his desire to go to where the Spirit was moving and where Revival was happening. 

They arrived at Asbury Wednesday morning, and the chapel was already full, and almost 1,000 people were waiting outside. High school and college students were prioritized when it came to the entrance to the chapel. Collin and Jackson were able to get in with relative ease. 

Meanwhile, Brian was able to join the prayer team as a pastor and was able to volunteer to pray with those waiting outside the chapel. He went down the line and prayed with as many people as possible. Brian said the people outside had all experienced the same call to action and came to Asbury to experience God’s move in their lives. People came from many states and around the world. Brian prayed with individuals and families from Angola, Brazil, the Philippines, Canada, and Europe. All were expectant for the Lord to work in their lives.

Later he joined Collin and Jackson inside Hughes Auditorium, where he prayed with individuals from 7 to over 80 years old. Brian reported praying for people needing healing for physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as freedom from demons, addictions, bonds, and sins of various kinds.  

As Jackson reflected on this, he simply said, “it’s amazing seeing how faithful the Lord is.” That is exactly what the Lord our God is, faithful. Faithful to us when we do not deserve it. He is faithful on the mountains and the in valleys.

The next day, the trio returned to Asbury and stayed the entire day! They prayed and worshipped and reveled in the Spirit. When it came time to leave late Thursday, Collin felt he needed to stay in Kentucky. The group coordinated with other Texas friends who were in attendance to ensure Collin had a place to stay and a ride home later that week.  

When reflecting on the entire experience Collin Said:

“So thankful to have been able to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Asbury University in Kentucky this past week. It is hard to explain with words what God is doing, other than that Jesus was making himself known to young and old, to all tribes and tongues were gathered for one purpose to meet with the Living God who was and is to come. Though He is not confined to a certain place, space, or building, he chose to open up the floodgates of heaven so that all could taste and see his goodness. Personally, I experienced freedom in his presence from the lingering shame of my past life. I am just in awe of his goodness and faithfulness. Not only to me but to see that for so many others during this experience that I will never forget till I reach the pearly gates.”  

All three men are praying that revival would break out in Bryan-College Station. They have been sharing their testimony from Kentucky with everyone they can! You can read about it in The Eagle and see the trio talk about it on KBTX. They even went to a day of prayer on February 20th at Truett Seminary in Waco to share testimony and pray with other Texans for Revival to sweep our state!

We long for revival to come to our town! And we are seeing glimpses of it! Join us this Thursday, February 23rd, in our student center. Our doors will open at 2 pm, and we will start worship and prayer. At 7 pm, those who went to experience the revival as Asbury will share their testimony from the event! Following that time, the space will be open again for prayer and worship. This time is available to ANYONE who wants to attend. We hope to see you there; we want to pray with you. 

If you cannot attend on Thursday, we ask that you join us in prayer for revival in Bryan-College Station every Thursday at 8:30 AM. Set an alarm for every Thursday morning and help us be a part of covering our community with prayer so we can experience revivals like Asbury University, Samford University, Cedarville University, and Lee university.