Exodus 34:6

Dearest LORD, we express our deepest love for You in our prayer with full thankfulness of Your grace and mercy and in full adoration of Your love and Your almighty power. We plead daily for You to, “hear us, Lord, hear our prayers, hear our cries, hear our groans, hear our indecision, hear our hearts when our mouths cannot speak, hear our sobs, hear our worship, hear our joyful singing, hear our confessions and our repentance”. And aren’t You, LORD, just as pleadingly telling us, all through the Bible in 516 scriptures in the KJV, “to hear” You? God, we find You telling us to “hear Your words, hear the word of the LORD, hear the voice of Your Son, and to hear Your will for what is most beneficial to us.” We are a church full of those willing to hear from You as we want to discern as Jesus does, in all our decisions. We know You created us to hear and listen actively, but we need Your guidance. Help us to take the time to be still, to listen, and know what You are saying to us so we can reflect Your love. Amen.