Where Can We Go From Here?


There are several places we could end up after leaving the discernment process. Here is a list of those places as well as general information about each. For more information, see the LEARN and ALIGN page. 


The United Methodist Church:


On paper, the United Methodist Church hasn’t changed significantly since 1972. However, with the formation of the Global Methodist Church, it’s expected that the UMC will be the progressive methodist denomination following the 2024 general conference. The UMC is already moving in that direction with their Where Do We Go From Here movement. 


It must be made clear that the mission of the UMC has not and likely will not change. They will remain a denomination that seeks to save souls for the Kingdom. 


The Global Methodist Church:


The Global Methodist Church is a new denomination that was formed in response to the progressive leanings of the UMC. The Global Methodist church officially launch in May of 2022. UMC churches are consistently joining this new denomination. The GMC has taken a firm traditional stance in their Transitional Book of Doctrines and Disciplines. It is expected that this new denomination will be the largest traditional Methodist denomination. 


The Free Methodist Church:


The Free Methodist Church’s beliefs and disciplines are extremely similar to that of the UMC on paper. Free Methodist Churches are predominantly small, conservative churches. They focus on rural communities. There are 19 Free Methodist Churches in the state of Texas. This denomination is more densely populated in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. 


The Wesleyan Methodist Church:


Similar to the Free Methodist Church, the Wesleyan Methodist church is very similar to the UMC on paper. They are a small denomination with small, rural congregations. Wesleyan Methodist churches uplift Wesley’s traditional doctrine. There are 18 Wesleyan Methodist Churches in Texas.


Other Options

 It should be noted that there are other options (like non-denominational). However, the backbone of Christ Church is our Orthodox Wesleyan theology and we are seeking to maintain connectivity to other churches upholding that same theology.