Jesus is building us up into a community of hope – where we can be known, thrive and pull others out of a hopeless state through the movement of the Holy Spirit. As Christ Church, we are a community of hope who places our full trust in Jesus Christ. We live that out through specific marks of the Christian faith. This series examines the healthy steps of hope that Jesus calls us into and the impact they make on individuals and the Kingdom of God. And to the powers of darkness, hope is a dangerous thing indeed.

January 14 | Week 1: PRay | CONNECT

Prayer IS hope.  And when we pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus the Son, directly to the Father, we have reason to have confidence in great hope. Jesus wants us to know that the Father delights to give himself to us when we pray. And the gift of the all-mighty God? That’s pretty powerful. Join us as we unpack the purpose of prayer and the power we experience when we pray.



JANUARY 21 | week 2: GROW

2 Peter 3:18 says, “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.”

But grow how? When we find difficulties in scripture, we are called to wrestle with them until we see the Gospel clearly in them. How do we wrestle? That’s where the growth lies. We meditate, study, and pray in our private time with God and we discuss, converse, and sharpen each other in community.

We are called to be active disciples, engaging the Word and each other through the truth of the scripture.

JANUARY 28 | week 3: SERVE

Today is the ministry fair and we can’t wait to display all these incredible ways that our church serves – within and outside of our walls. Doing good will always be something that Christians are called to do. But we don’t do good just to do it. We do this out of service to God by bringing the Gospel to others through the way we serve. 

Anchoring our service to others in the Gospel helps us hold strong to our first love – the Father.

    February 4 |week 4: GIVE

    I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing” – 2 Samuel 24:24

    Being generous should cost us something. The word sacrifice indicates something costly, that we should have to give up something else or make a difficult choice between two things. It shouldn’t be easy or an afterthought, but should cost us something.


    Because all acts of generosity are attempts at mirroring the character of God who gives graciously to all who ask AND does so at great cost to himself.

    Commitment Sunday is February 4th

    2023 was a year where God moved in amazing ways from the growth of our ministries to the ways our campus has been host to groups that have reached people well beyond the boundaries of our local community.

    Our College Ministry has grown from a few students to over 70 active members attending weekly studies, retreats and mission trips.

    Student Ministry has seen a 20% growth this past year. But more importantly they are introduced to the love of Christ, find community and are equipped as leaders in our church ministries and beyond. 

    Kids Ministry has seen an explosive growth of 60%. The kids experience a multitude of opportunities which build a strong faith foundation, help them to be rooted in Christ’s love and grow in relationship with Him. We also launched a new Special Needs Ministry in 2023

    Our Adult Discipleship area saw our largest ever Church-Wide Study and Alpha Class to date. We continue to add Sunday School classes and small groups during the week.  As we look ahead, the deeper question we are asking is: “Are souls being saved and are our members walking with non-believers through a journey of the life of a disciple?”

    Last year, we opened our doors to many outside groups; such as, You Are Conference for women, Bible Study Fellowship with 140 people weekly, Young Life weekly meeting for high schoolers, Cultivate Moms, Impact Leadership Retreat for college students, the Danny Gokey concert and two sessions of the GMC Conference. 

    In a time when most churches sit empty on Monday through Saturday, our church is abuzz with activity with people connecting with the Lord through all these ministries, both inside and outside our church.

    Your faithful giving has made that possible.  THANK YOU!