Kris Bagley
Kris grew up mostly in Houston, where he attended and graduated from Houston Baptist University. His father was a Methodist pastor so he went to church consistently throughout his upbringing, but it was in his early 20’s when he recognized the power in his faith and took ownership of it. These early opportunities have led him to be the pastor he is today.

When asked what universal message he wants to evoke to the church, Kris pinpoints that the presence of God is something we take lightly and sometimes overlook. The presence of God is also the primary way that God displays His power to us. The presence of the Holy Spirit is a game changer!

Kris and his family love to travel whenever they get the chance. The most recent they took was to Columbia to visit some friends and they had a blast!

Fun fact: Anytime the family goes on trips they make sure to find a major league baseball stadium to see. So far the family has visited 17 total stadiums.