Jerry House
Jerry's father was a pastor, so he moved around quite a bit growing up. He moved from East Texas to Houston, then over to Katy and Texarkana, then back to Houston and finally to Georgetown. This is where he settled down to study music in college at Southwestern University. Growing up he wanted to be a professional football player, but after studying music in college and becoming classically trained, he thought he might just go off and sing opera instead! He ended up working at a summer youth program in college and from there on felt a call into ministry.

A common theme that God continually calls him to convey to any audience is the power behind the love of God through Jesus Christ. “I want people to know that God loves them and sent Jesus for them! God was willing to go so far to show us the love he has for us. When I came to realize the love God had for me, it undid me and it compelled me to think differently about who I am and what my job is.”

Jerry is happily married with three kids, loves to cook, and be outdoors. He also loves to sing and listen to music.

Fun fact: Journey was his favorite band growing up!