Say yes to sharing your love for Christ with elementary age children. Say yes to smiles, games, crafts, Bible stories and connections. Say yes to no prep lesson plans that will teach children the love of Jesus!
Say yes to helping share the good news of Christ with elementary age children. Say yes to laughter, playing games, doing fun activities and worshipping along side the next generation of disciples. Say yes to supporting the lead teacher and helping with activities.
Say yes to rocking babies, playing with toddlers and spending time laughing with pre-schoolers. Say yes to sharing the love of Jesus with our littlest ones and helping them know God made them and loves them!
Say yes to greeting new families and making them feel welcome! Say yes to checking new kids in and showing them where to go! Say yes to checking pick-up tags at main kids area doors to ensure a safe environment for all of our precious kids.
Say yes to helping kids grow closer to the Lord. Say yes to sharing the Gospel with younger kids. Say yes to coloring, games, crafts and worship dance parties!

Serve once a month, twice a month, or every week!

Help at 9:30 or 11:00 service hours