Psalm 46:10


Father God,

How often we come to you in prayer, and we do all the talking.  We make up our minds on an issue and spend our time and energy looking for proof that we are right.  We seek clear, irrefutable evidence and reasoning to discredit the other side.  We pray for our will to be done.

Please help us to be still and know that you are God.  Your ways are not our ways.  Lord, we want to serve you, doing what you would have us to do.  Help us listen for what direction you wish us to take.  We ask you to guide us as we make decisions, that your will, not ours, be done. 

We know that you want us to live in your love and share that love with others.  But we live in a broken and messy world and often disagree on how to show your love.  Please fill us with your Holy Spirit.  Help us hear the guidance your spirit gives us through the reading of scripture, through prayer, and through the communion of saints. 

And Lord, we are listening.  Give us ears to hear.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.