Ashley Starns
Ashley Starns was born and raised in Texas and came to know Christ because her parents faithfully raised her in the church. She has always known that Jesus loved her and died for her sins, but her faith grew tremendously through her young adult life. She and her husband grew in their faith while navigating serious illnesses, grief, and multiple moves. She moved to BCS when she attended Texas A&M from 2000, and then came back in 2020.

God has used Christ Church in her life to show her the diversity of activities that Christ Church offers to everyone, of every age, and every stage of life. Christ Church genuinely desires to serve the needs of the community. Kids Ministry program is intentional in the way they interact with children and their families and create opportunities for families to experience the Lord together. As her teenagers have engaged with Student Ministry, they have witnessed the profound impact those leaders have had on the development of their faith - they are truly "Making Disciples Who Make Disciples." She is passionate about her family, homeschooling, Aggie football, and stewarding well the resources that God has given Christ Church.

Fun Fact: Garner State Park is her favorite place on Earth and she has been there at least 50 times. One glorious summer her and her family spent an entire month there.