What is Holy week?

Holy week is a time full of repentance and remembrance that ends in joyful celebration. we hope you will join us for this special week as we remember jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. 

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter when we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as described in the four Gospels. This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. Its name originates from the palm branches waved by the crowd to greet and honor Jesus as he entered the city. Come and join us as we are led into worship by the Children waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna! Hosanna!”

During all Sunday Morning services, Kids are invited to join in the palm branch processional where they will wave palm branches to celebrate the entry of jesus. 
join us as we celebrate the begiNNing of the journey to easter!
8:00 | Traditional 
9:30 | Contemporary
11:00 | Blended
11:00 | contemporary

calling families of all ages! come join us in the hall for a family easter celebration capped off by a thrilling egg hunt. There is something for all ages to enjoy!
Join us on a journey to the Upper Room, where we will experience the night before jesus was crucified. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper as The choir and orchestra lead us in worship along with live actors that will bring new meaning to jesus’ final meal with his disciples. This is a service not to be missed.
Good Friday is the day we reflect on the crucifixion of our Christ Jesus. this service will include music presented by the sanctuary choir, orchestra, and handbells. Join Christ Church in somber remembrance of this day as we come together to AWAIT SUNDAY MORNING. 
This is what we’ve been waiting for! Join us to celebrate our Risen Christ on Easter Sunday. We have four services to choose from: 6:30 am, 8:00 am, 9:30 am, or 11:00 am.
Easter is a day of true celebration of the grace and provision of the Lord. Come, and celebrate with our Christ Church family! We’d love to have you.


An Easter Sermon Series

Want to learn more about how we’ve been preparing for this Easter Season? For the last six weeks, we’ve been diving into what Forgiveness is; the difficulty, the necessity, and the relentless redemption it brings to us and our relationship with others.